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Juice=Soda and Here is the Proof!

We all know that fruit and fruit juice contain sugar. But, since its natural, it must be healthier. Drinking a glass of orange juice cannot be as damaging as a can of coke, right? From a sugar perspective the public has to be re-educated. There is a lot more crap in soda of course, but looking at diabetes and caloric intake they are about equal, and in some cases juice is worse. The data is just about as irrefutable as it comes. Soda and juices were sent to three different laboratories and the fructose-to-glucose were measured in 3 different ways. The data was reviewed and collated and showed that some juices (100% juice, no high fructose corn syrup added) were worse than some sodas.

I would suggest that nobody drink soda or juice and enjoy the three essentials: water, tea and coffee, cream if desired, no sugar. I wonder how much we could decrease diabetes and obesity if people just stopped drinking soda and juice? Tax the industry to death. Treat the industry like we treated tobacco.

Take a look at the data.

Skip Lunch?



Maybe not every day, but skipping a meal here and there can be a good thing. For example, if you skip lunch twice a week, this means that you will have eaten 19 meals instead of 21 meals for the week. Now, you might be hungrier for dinner these days, and may eat more during dinner, but not the equivalent of what you would have for lunch. So, less overall calories for the week and a chance to get out of a plateau and lose more weight.  Also, during the time that you are fasting you are burning body fat. Win and win!

A good resource is at nerdfitness.


SALT is not Bad for You!!!

imgresSo, for ages we have all been told that salt is terrible for us. The CDC website continues to warn Americans that we should all consume less salt, or we will suffer from high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. What is interesting to me is that there are no posted studies to back up these claims, but it is stated as fact. We have all been brain-washed by these supposed “experts”.

A new study from the American Journal of Hypertension concludes that “Salt intake was not associated with SBP in either sex after multiple adjustments.” and that “BMI was the main contributory modifiable factor of BP level after multiple adjustments.” So, put butter and salt on your food, just don’t get fat. Ok by me!!!

NY Times Reports Low-Carb Diets are Better

As highlighted in the NY Times, the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that, indeed, a low carb diet is better than a low fat diet for the following:

  • Body composition
  • HDL cholesterol level
  • Ratio of total–HDL cholesterol
  • Triglyceride level
  • CRP level
  • Estimated 10-year CHD risk

Despite the fact that these results, and the results of many of other studies, the summary states: Restricting carbohydrate may be an option for persons who are seeking to lose weight and reduce cardiovascular risk factors and should be studied further.

Really, MAY be an option. It is the only option, and yet these academics fail to take a stance. Disheartening.